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Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: Predictions and Resolutions

Taking a page out of the late great Casey Stengel, it's seems like there are many exciting events to take place in 2010 and I want to be one of the first people to present them to you.

Knowing this blog, some of these will be about sports of course, but others will be on a personal note that will resonate with family and friends who have a basic knowledge of my somewhat dysfunctional life story.

Lets start with what will definitely remain a constant in 2010. I will continue to write about anything that comes across my mind that I think anyone might be interested in.

I will get to see Avatar, maybe not in 3D or IMAX, but I will see it nevertheless. I also think that "2012" although hokey as hell it was the best disaster movie I have ever seen.

The Eagles will once again get to the NFC Championship Game and will making it to the Superbowl by a field goal with under a minute left in the game. That team will go on to lose the Superbowl to the San Diego Chargers who finally gets there and gets the job done.

Next year as the teams head for the playoffs again it looks like my Jets will finally get a chance to be in a Super Bowl after a 14-2 season.

Phil Kohen, by no later than September will have his own show on Fox Sports Radio on KBAD 920 Radio here in Vegas. He just may not like the hours but what the heck he doesn't sleep anyway. I will be a regular guest because what's sleep.

The LA Lakers will struggle a bit but ultimately will become the NBA Champs for the second year in a row. They will beat Boston in a 6 Game Classic. Koby will get the MVP in the Series but King James will win the overall league MVP. By Nov 30th, Lebron will sign the maximum contract and start the 2010-2011 season in Madison Square Garden. His back court partner Dwayne Wade.

The Phillies and the Yankees will be the favorites to get back to the World Series again, but it's not going to happen. The Seattle Mariners and the St. Louis Cardinals will get there instead, while the playoffs will find the Mets back in there with the Phillies and the Giants. The Yankees Red Sox and Twins will be there in the American League.

The Cardinals will win it all in Game 7 coming from one run down in the 9th and with two outs and nobody on Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday will hit back to back jacks to win it all. Gary and I will be there to see it person.

The Pittsburgh Penguins will win the Stanley Cup again simply because "what do I know about hockey".

Kim and I will go see the Mets play in 3 different cities in 2010. Denver, San Diego and Phoenix. Kairi will go to her second 52's game but this time she will sit in the front row and see fireworks after the game.

Jaime's Book, I believe the working title is "The Waywalkers" will be in the bookstores by May and by years end it will have spent 15 weeks on the New York Times best seller chart. She buys me a Harley for Fathers Day.

My brother Harry and I plan a trip to meet somewhere halfway between Vegas and Hartford, Connecticut. Maybe in Dallas to see the Giants and Cowboys.

Matthew will be deployed overseas for sure in 2010. He will be going on a special Army Commando mission to look for Bubba. They'll find Bin-Laden instead.

Stephanie and Jason will get married twice, and she will be having a baby by the spring of 2011.

Russ and Barbara will go into business together selling the first ever widget that actually works for a specific purpose. It's machine that can wipe away all bad memories that people have. They got the idea from "The Haitian".

Kim will finally find the cure for her headaches. She begins to drink heavily but not until after May 27th when we renew our vows and have complete Jewish Wedding in the Sanctuary at Temple Beth Shalom in Vegas. Everybody is welcome to come and celebrate with us.

Tiger Woods will come out of his hiding to win the British Open and the PGA which will be the only tournament he plays in the USA this year. Andy Roddick finally wins a Grand Slam Event, the US Open, while Michael Phellps gives up swimming and opens up the "The Golden Weed Shop" in Venice Beach.

My Cousin Gary gives up his entire insurance and tax practice and becomes a Sports Agent. He immediately gets Tiger Woods, LeBron James, and Chase Utley to join his list of players.

The Kohen girls both get full ride scholarships to the Colleges they choose and Ilene retires from education after she hits Megabucks at the M Hotel and Casino in Vegas while waiting for Phil to finish his show. The time 4;12AM. She buys Kim a Harley.

Randy Parker after talking to my cousin Gary turns to the PBA Tour and throws consecutive 300 games in the Firestone Open. Ashley gets engaged and Chris and Sylvia has a second baby. This one's a boy.

JJ reaches his 70th birthday in 2010 and I throw him a surprise party and invite all his past triumphs. We fill the Hollywood Bowl for the event. Standing room only sold to non-conquests.

All good stuff for many of my friends. Loren gets a job to oversee a huge office and she's able to do that from home with the latest sophisticated spy ware installed on her computer.

Even is called back to Vegas as the Fountainbleu Hotel gets the go ahead for completion and he is named as the Chief Electrician on the project.

However the best news of the New Year comes to my buddy Scott. He gets word that Steven saves the Warden's life and is given his freedom on Dec 24th 2010. Merry Christmas Scott, you deserve it and one week later your Stephanie ties the knot and you, Randy, Phil and I along with our families head out to Hawaii to watch Phil do his first TV Stint for Fox Sports at the 2011 Pro Bowl Game.

All the best to my family and friends.

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